Pawz - Dog Boots 12pk

Pawz - Dog Boots 12pk

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Paw Protection year round

Winter: Ice & Snow

Winter can be tough on your dog’s sensitive paws.  Protect them from ice, snow, salt and street chemicals.  Keep the balling snow, ice, and the chill of winter away!

Summer: Hot Pavements & Sand

Pawz Rubber Dog Boots Boots in the summer to act as a barrier from the extreme heat radiating from the pavement.

The design is a snug, stretchy and comfortable. Safe and lightweight for injured or sensitive paws and general use, your dog will barely know he has boots on. Worn like a sock. The material is thick and natural rubber. The boots are disposable and biodegradable yet also reusable. Each can be worn many times and because of their gentle design the dog will pay them little attention. He will still feel the ground under his paws.

Great for longer haired dogs in the snow, stop those irritating snowballs gathering around your dog’s toes and ankles. They stop slipping on shiny floors and prevent injury and nail problems to older dogs that may drag their paws. The Pawz boots are waterproof and we have been told by a happy customer that the boots even stay on in the river.

Sold in packs of 12 and with each boot reusable they are great value too.


Paw length up to:
Tiny: 1"/2.5cm
XXSmall: 1.5"/3.75cm
Xsmall: 2"/5cm
Small: 2.5"/6.25cm
Medium: 3"/7.5cm
Large: 4"/10cm
Xlarge: 4"/10cm and over

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