Fin Nero - Snow Sport Padded Collar

Fin Nero - Snow Sport Padded Collar

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SNOW SPORT collar is for active dogs! Soft and light neoprene padding protects the dogs fur and skin from friction. Wide padding distributes the pressure in dogs neck to a wider area. Bright color and a reflective stripe in the collar make sure, that the drivers can see you outing in dark.

Martingale collar: 
* Suitable for every day use 
* Is recommended for adult dogs
* Easy to put on and take off

Choosing the right size: 
* Measure the widest part of the dogs head (please notice the dogs ears as well) 
* Measure the narrowest part of the dogs neck (behind the ears) 
* Choose the size of the collar
* The collar should go to dogs neck smoothly when the collar is at its widest (would you like if your T-shirt neckline was too tight?)

When choosing the size of the collar, please measure your dogs head and neck.

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