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As a dog lover I am here doing canine products for your loyal friend/s, I have always been passionate about dogs and working with dog rescues, so I decided to setup a dog products supply business to help me do more work with rescue dogs. The business started out as Spirit Pet Supplies named after my late German Shepherd boy Spirit that I lost to cancer back in Jan 2014. After loosing my second boy Dylan a rescue Husky in september 2014 I decided that I wanted to help more rescues so in July 2015 I renamed the business to Arctic Paws which is now aimed at more active breeds in honour of both boys lost in the same year.

I am now working at getting the business more known so it can bring money in not just for the business but to also allow me to help more rescues with more urgent transport runs. I've been transporting rescue dogs around the UK for about 9 years now covering around 19,000 miles a year on transport runs, most runs are long distance covering about 500 miles per run and some also mean stopping out over night in the van. Doing rescue work I get to meet lots of fantastic and beautiful fury kids that sometimes I can not work out why they are in rescue, it's always an honour to transport fur kids needing help.

Arctic Paws is the only active gear business in the UK were all the profits goes towards helping rescue dogs, so buying from Arctic Paws means you are also helping fur kids around the UK waiting in kennels for new homes, vet runs and moving urgent cases where fur kids need moving to a safe place.

Thank you for taking the time to read the background to why Arctic Paws is here : )

You can see some of the rescue fur kids thats i've transported on my Rescue Dogs Transported page, you can also read more about my fur kids that have sadley pasted over on my Tribute page. If you can help a rescue fur kid/s either by Fostering or Adopting please have a look at the my rescue dogs needing homes page, there are plenty of fur kids needing homes.

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bluepaw Meet my rescue fur boys Harry & Stanley bluepaw

Stanley (GSD X) I rescued in May 2013 ( at 5 years old) from his home were he wasn't wanted anymore, he was kept in a back yard with no space to run around. he's a loyal and loving boy that loves his walks and loves rubber balls and tug, theres never a dull moment in the summer months because stanley is always up for a water fight. Stanley struggled to take the lead dog roll after loosing 2 of his fur brothers in the same year but now tends to keep Harry in check.

Harry (Husky) I rescued in October 2014 (at about 1 1/2 years old) from a pound where he was on a notice to be put to sleep, he had escaped from his 2nd owner after being fastend in a un-secure yard on a thin rope. His second owner denied all knowledge of him and his first owner did not want him back, so after making lots of calls to rescues to get him into a safe place with no joy I decided to go and collect him from Kent and give him a forever home. Harry is a fun loving boy that enjoys walks even tho he tends to spend most of his time rolling around on his back lol, loves chase the toy and is always up for lots of cuddles.

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Volunteer Wolf Handler here in the UK, working hands on with wolves and educating people in the truth about these beautiful and very misunderstood animals

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