Tribute Page


This is my tribute page to my furry boys & girls that have sadley passed away

They are now running wild and free

They are still loved and will always be missed

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2010 to 17th September 2014

I rescued  Dylan in March 2014 he had spent around 9 months in kennels trying new homes but none of them worked out for him, so I decided to take him in as a foster boy to give him a chance to have some family around him. I decided to keep Dylan as my own but sadley on 17th September he was taken from me after a tragic accident.

He was a loving and friendly boy, all he needed was someone to work with him and give him time to heal after spending so much time in kennels and being passed around. Dylan grow into such an amazing boy loving everything around him, he will always be missed

DSC_1212resize  Happy_Spirit


14th Aug 2006 to 28th Jan 2014

Spirit was 7 1/2 when he passed away. He was a loving dog that always made everyone smile, he loved to lay on or under your feet. He was always up for a walk or a ride out in the car. He loved children and always watched over anyone around him.

After batteling 3 different illnesses and a possible heart problem for 5 days Spirit took ill overnight, when I went to see him at the animal hospital the following morning the vet asked me to make a desicion about Spirit. The vet only gave him 3 or 4 days so I had to do what was right for my boy which was to get rid of all the pain by letting him go. I had the morning alone with spirit giving him lots of cuddles and kissess before having to let him go in the afternoon, I stayed with him holding him and giving him plenty of cuddles and kissess till he had passed over. I stayed a further few hours still talking to him and cuddling him, he will always be missed.

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1999 to September 2009

Zenna was about 10 years old when she passed in September 2009, i rescued her from a home that beat her most of the time. Due to the amount of damage to her backend because of the beatings she struggled in her last few years with me.

Everyone that met her loved her and she loved everyone, she raised Spirit from when he was just 8 weeks old and i must admit she did an excellent job with him. Zenna house trained Spirit and showed him lots of love and attention and always kept him in line, she made an excellent mum for Spirit and I couldn't of asked for a better fur kid.

I stayed with her holding her and giving her plenty of cuddles and kissess till she had passed over.

She was a loving girl and i still missed her now.

SAM4b  SAM17


1992 to 2005

Sam was 13 years old when he passed, i had him for 12 years when he was taken away from me due to a problem with his heart. I took him in when i found him at aged about 1 years old roaming the streets near where i live, I later found out that he had been dumped by his owners at the side of the road.

Sam was loving to everyone and a very faithful boy. He wasnt a dog that you had to put a lead on at all, he would never wander off he just loved to just chill out and watch the world go by.

He was loved and will always be missed