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I am an independant online and mobile retailer of active K9 products, working with suppliers in the UK and around Europe to offer you the best products available for the comfort and safety for you and your dog.

Stocking ManMat, Arctic Wolf, Dragrattan, Mamut, Fin Nero, Leucillin, Pawz, WAW, Ancol and many more, all active products are field tested here in the UK and around Europe.

Being the leading supplier and stocking the largest range of ManMat products here in the UK means I can bring you quality products at affordable prices, which in turn gives customers a one-stop shop for ManMat products.

Arctic Paws specialises in active dog products for such as Mushing, Bikejoring, Scootering, Dog Trekking and Canicross, you will find whatever you need to kit yourselves and your dogs out for these activities.
As well as high-quality active dog products you will also find quality products for pet dogs and everyday recreational walking.

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Supporting Dog Rescues

Arctic Paws supports dog rescues around the UK, we are the only active product business in the UK where a percentage of the profits goes towards helping our furry rescue friends, so buying from Arctic Paws means you are also helping to support rescue dogs needing urgent transport to get them into a safe place, to the vets and into forever homes. You can also check out some of the rescue dogs helped with urgent transport on my Rescue Dogs Transported Page.

If you would like to support me with the work that I do for rescues around the UK

you can donate by clicking on the link below





Ancol - Travel Water Bowl
RRP £8.40
£6.99 *
Ancol - Window Vent Guard
RRP £6.99
£5.65 *
Ancol - Extreme Padded Collar
RRP £9.29
from £7.99 *
Ancol - Extreme Dog Harness
RRP £24.99
from £19.99 *
Ancol - Paw Feeding Mat (Grey)
RRP £7.99
£4.99 *
plus delivery